Our Story

Back in 1993, as two high school pals sat smoking cigars in their Hamptons hometown, they made a pact to one day start a business together. What business? Who knew. It didn’t matter.

Years later, as married men, they reflected back on their high school days and they thought: let’s start a cigar business. How appropriate.

They did just that, traveling to Central America to source tobacco and thinking of all the ways that they could make their cigar company unique. Of all things, what took the longest – even longer than dealing with tobacco licenses and import logistics – was designing the perfect logo for their new company: Hampton Cigar Company.

After over a year of trying to incorporate the letter “H” (for Hampton) into one of their favorite images (an anchor) they discovered that another company already did that. Oops.

Back at the drawing board, they decided to take a step back and simplify. Within a day they designed the “whale tail anchor,” an image of simplicity and timelessness. It graced their cigar labels for years, but was so admired that they were nearly forced by their customers to make wearable products with the logo in them. Hampton Trading Company was hence born.

Coastal Casual Apparel.